Vaguebooking : my favourite urban dictionary term

An intentionally vague Facebook status update, that prompts friends to ask what's going on, or is possibly a cry for help.
Mary is: "wondering if it is all worth it"
Mark is: "thinking that was a bad idea"

"Have you talked to Mark? He's vaguebooking again. I wonder if he's back with Mary..."


Tammy is: "in line at the grocery store"
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persona wiki

reposted here so that anyone who hadn't seen the wiki entry can read, and so I have a hardcopy somewhere as my e-drive died and I lost all my files.

Birth Name: Nerys (Last name omitted )
Pirate Name: Captain Draven Grey
Born: Temby Harbour, Pembrokeshire, Wales

My life of piracy began when I was won in a game of chance to a man I consider to be the father I always wanted, Captain Thomas Grey of the pirate ship Pochacco. Our travels brought us to a wide array of landscapes as varied as the Strait of Malacca and Cabo das Tormentas. It was during these travels for trade and misadventure that I found myself taking on any and every role, be it ship’s cook to the occasional bout at helmsman. I eventually became well versed in the seafaring lifestyle and realized (after my indoctrinating) that the bad rumors about pirates were indeed exaggerated. I found that most pirates are victims of bad press, and that for the most part, they are the heart of the Caribbean Sea.

After a good number of years the crew accepted me as one of their own and we managed to find a few friendly ports into which we docked for extended periods of shore leave. One in particular became a second home for a long while, and despite the cold of the Northern Sea, we were comforted by the gracious hosts of The Clan of the Arctic Winds. It didn’t take long before I felt the need to stretch my legs and find a ship and a crew of my own. The ship part came easier, but what I lacked was a crew. I sailed with whoever wanted passage from place to place, accepting their servitude as payment for the service of travel I provided.

Most recently, I have abandoned my previous vessel The Revenge (as its mishap has caused irreparable damage to its hull) and have taken possession of another. Although my new vessel, has had a plethora of names (Yuan Fen, The Floating Potato and The HMS Bluker) I’ve decided to name her Sirius Cat as there is a certain constellation in the night sky with which I’ve always found a welcome landmark. I’ve not forgotten the kind hospitality of the unlikely, but entirely remarkable people of The House Hedgehog who took me and my First Mate Budi in when we were landlocked after The Revenge crashed. When I am able, I often find myself sailing toward their doorstep for a fortnight of good company. So far this wonderful relationship has existed without hiccup, and with any luck my bad reputation as the scourge of the high seas will not tarnish their good names.

How I came into possession of the junk ship we now call Sirius Cat is largely in thanks to my Quartermaster, Kheredai. Once day, while I and my First Mate Budi were out gallivanting with a band of fellow pirates who sailed a ship called The Mary Jane, I was introduced to two of their crew, Synnovea D'Mer (our ship’s Apothecary) and Kheredai. The lot of us managed to get rip roaring pissed and decided that it would be a grand idea if we procured a ship of our own. Being three determined women, our sights settled on the most unusual ship in port, a junk by the name of The HMS Bluker. We all agreed that the British Royal Navy had no business owning a ship of that nature and took it for our own.

Since our acquisition of the Sirius Cat, we’ve collected a few more crewmates; a Scandinavian cook, Savannah, who can make anything in our food stash taste like mother’s handiwork and a young lady named Megan, who is gifted in the arts of belly dancing. We have several young men (aside from my able bodied First Mate) who have petitioned to be a part of our crew. The first is a man named Paedraig, an Irishman who we stumbled upon during a trip back to the British Isles. He has put his hat into the ring to be our ship’s Striker. The other man in question is known only as Moose. Moose came to us when we stopped off at the Cape of May for fresh water. We came upon him pulling the job of a performer, whose sole tasks were specialized in the obscure; sword swallowing to be specific. Due to his excellent knowledge of knots and his own sense of balance, he’s opted to ask for the position of Rigger. While the boys are still on a year of probationary employment, I trust that before long they will be signing Articles and given pay worthy of the aforementioned stations.


I've never actually counted calories... lets see...

Today I've eaten:

A can of tuna with chili powder on it for flavouring. 220c
A cup of rice. 205c
2 pats of butter on my rice. 54c
Two oversized cups of coffee (I'll count that as 4 standard) 4c
Roughly a cup of 4% milk in my coffee 100c
a tbsp of sugar per cup 64c

Total: 647c

My weight today is 167lbs.
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Pennsic Prep

Since my arrival here at Quartermaster's place on Thursday, I feel as though we've accomplished quite a lot by way of preparing her place for the upcoming parties that she has been planning for a few mutual friends. I am pleased that a few of the oddball tasks that we had on the back burner for war are completed (Ship's articles, Favors for crew, Boot replacement/repair half-way finished) But I am still buzzing about the others that are waving their middle fingers at me. I really want to get our court garb finished. I'd like to sew up my pirate hat, in addition make one that matches my court garb and if all possible, I would also like to construct a parasol of the same material. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Likely I can see Skwrl's Mongolian Deel and matching hat getting finished within a few days, I just have to draft a pattern. Conchobar's Kimono and Hakama pants will take one-two days at the most. I can sew these in my sleep now. I can make a few pair of wrap pants, fix up the silk ones, and get my son a haircut for war that will De-Stooge what my mother did to his formerly Robert Chase from House M.D. hairstyle.

As for the truck situation, I don't think I can get too fixated on it, its already making me feel very sick to my stomach. The gravity of my financial situation has made me reconsider going to war several times already; but come hell or high water I will be there. That much I can assure myself. The truck repairs and car insurance bill have my belly a bit butterflied. I can only hope that when I get to war all of my worries will be forgotten, at least for a week.
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